Crosswalk Treadmills

Owned by ICON Health and Fitness, the largest manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment in the world, ProForm has been known to produce the most innovative treadmills in the industry at very reasonable prices. ProForm treadmill balances sophistication, quality, and affordability.

Crosswalks are another innovative treadmills by ProForm. By combining Upper-Body Arms with the traditional treadmill, Crosswalk treadmills enable you to burn up to 50% more calories and improve total-body conditioning. These provide a full body workout, making your routines more effective compared to conventional treadmills.

One example is the ProForm 780 CrossWalk. Like any other ProForm treadmills, this treadmill is also equipped with great features you normally find on some higher end, more expensive brands. It uses a very quiet, commercial-grade motor and a very spacious deck designed to give you the perfect amount of traction, whether you’re walking, running or sprinting. It is also equipped with a superior absorption cushioning system that reduces impact on your joints by up to 22%. And, its sturdy deck is designed for heavy use.

ProForm crosswalk treadmills offer Interactive CrossWalk Workouts which prompt you to use the CrossWalk® arms during your workout, allowing you to tone your upper body and burn more calories. They are also equipped Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor. The built-in handle bar sensors accurately monitor your heart rate to ensure you are always on your target heart rate, giving you a safer and more effective workout every time. Further, ProForm offers generous warranty for their products. So if you are looking for treadmill that features more than the average, you might want to consider Crosswalk treadmills.