Write to Speak Or Speak to Write? The Blurring of Writing and Speaking

If you want to improve your speaking skills, I suggest that you do some more writing. If you sit down and write out a speech, and then continue to edit it, while visualizing your speech, this will help you become a better speaker. And if you are having a coffee shop conversation with a friend and recall that conversation when doing your writing you will note that your writing looks more like a conversation or discussion, and your reader will notice this and they will enjoy it.

Writing in this way looks as if you’re speaking to the reader, and it is more pleasurable to read. If you doubt this go ahead read an article in a magazine and the articles that like, will be the ones in which it appears that the writers are talking to you. You can almost picture the person on the other side of the table having a conversation and makes you feel good you enjoy reading it. This is what I’m talking about.

Whether you decide to write to speak better, or use speaking to improve your writing, you will indeed end up doing both. The blurring of writing and speaking will improve your overall communication with the rest of the world. It will improve your telephone conversations so that you get to the point quicker and with more emphasis.

It will also prevent people from misunderstanding what you are trying to say. Writing skills help people in everyday communication. Those people who are really good speakers also note that their writing starts improving because when they speak to people they watch the facial feedback, and they start to understand which types of sentences and words provoke the proper reaction, and by using this knowledge to improve their writing; they find their skills expand exponentially. I hope you will consider blurring your speaking and writing communication skills.